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Champs d’intervention
Superviseur de coachs, Superviseur de dirigeants, d’organisation
Modes d'intervention
Visio, Présentiel
Prestation dispensée en
Français, Anglais
Département d'intervention
France entière
Zone géographique
Europe, Moyen-Orient, Afrique, Amérique du Nord
Adresse du siège social
18 rue de Tilsitt 75017 Paris
Parcours professionnel
Coach since 2009, Certified Supervisor since 2017 Christophe has an in-depth knowledge of the business world and how to lead through complexity in unstable environments. During the past 14 years, he has coached more than 290 managers and supervised many coaches, high potentials, and business leaders, in France and internationally (Turkey, England, Panama, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Australia, United States). He has supported more than 20 teams as team-coach. He is also coach supervisor since 2017 and coach trainer at International Mozaik.

In 2020 he was appointed General Manager of one of the oldest and most prestigious coaching school in France: International Mozaik. He practices strategical and Holistic impactful coaching based on the 3 S approach: Systemic, Symbolic and Sensorial.