La supervision au Service de la société – L’effet triple S Quelques synthèses de nos intervenants (2)


in Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund , Piret Bristol , administrateur ANSE

Membre du Conseil d’administration de l’ANSE et du conseil d’administration de l’Association Estonienne de supervision et de coaching, Piret BRISTOL a animé lors du colloque PSF du 22 mars dernier, un atelier qui rend compte du process qu’elle a mis en place pour superviser individuellement les intervenants dans un organisme d’assurance chômage Estonien. Ce process est repris ci-dessous dans ses grandes lignes :

REGULAR SUPERVISION in Unemployment Insurance Fund

  • started systemically in October 2012 and is still in action,
  • supervision service is ordered inside state tender system,
  • is available for all specialists at different positions,
  • is provided in the local bureaus all over Estonia as much as possible,
  • employees can choose the supervisor they prefer to work with every supervision process is and can last approximately from 3 to 12 sessions,
  • supervision approach is chosen according to the need of every client.

Individual supervision of a specialist – Case

  • Continuous tiredness and fear of burning out,
  • Cannot say NO and assert herself,.
  • Works constantly over hours,,
  • Problems with a line manager,
  • Having difficulties with accepting regulations and limits of the organization


Supervisor can consider some factors when selecting methods and techniques:

  • the developmental level of the supervisée,
    his or her learning style and prior experience with a variety of techniques,
  • the supervisor comfort level, experience as a supervisor,
  • theoretical model,
  • goals for supervisions,
  • the learning needs of the supervisée.

(Liddle, Becker, & Diamond 1997)

Supervisory roles

  • Monitor/evaluator,
  • Advisor/instructor,
  • Model,
  • Consultant,
  • Support/share .


  • Is having high level of self-reflection skills and emotional intelligence,
  • Is having high motivation to improve her work life quality.

Photo : Carte de l’implantation de l’ANSE

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